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2018 Retreat with RJ Ellory

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The 2018 and 2019 Writers Retreats featured authors RJ Ellory and Dr. Mez Packer, respectively. Both retreats attracted attendees from England, Scotland and the United States. The attendees ranged from individuals who had never written before to some who had completed manuscripts.  Both retreats were huge successes - to the point that they were even a life-changing experience for some.

Curious to hear how it was for the attendees? Here are some testimonials: 

"For those with the desire to write their first, second, or tenth work of fiction; or for those seeking to get a completed novel in the hands of the right agent or publisher, Writers' Retreat hosted by AlteArte reveals "the path-to-success." - Lazelle Jones

"I took part in AlteArte’s first Writers’ Retreat and it was inspiring and eye-opening. It would have been hard to imagine putting the ten very different group members in a small room and expecting them to find common ground and even friendship after four days, but that is what happened. We were in a safe place to learn, to try to find our own styles and to let our stories be hear by others. Some of us had lunch together, some of us had coffee together. Most of us had wine together... Sara organised an exceptional Retreat which was on every level a triumph and I couldn’t recommend it more. I have friends who are queuing up to take part in the next one."- Annie McDougall

2019 Retreat with Mez Packer

Optional excursions included trips to Mendoza Winery; Guadalest (a small, mountain town); Jardin de los Sentidos (botanical garden) and the lighthouse for a relaxing afternoon and a writing exercise; a private yoga class with yoga teacher, Tania Plahay; and an entertaining lunch and flamenco performance at Bodega Maserof.

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