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The afternoons will be dedicated to personal writing time. There will also be a couple of both included and optional excursions available for those who would like to see a little more of the Costa Blanca area and have the chance to bond with fellow writers.
On Friday, June 5th, Monique will be leading a special writing excursion in the afternoon. This will be your time to focus on your own writing with the support and guidance of Monique. This excursion is included in the retreat.
On Saturday, June 6th, we will be visiting Bodega Maserof. Tucked in the mountains, this off-the-beaten-path bodega offers a special, home-cooked lunch made with seasonal ingredients purchased from the farmer's market. You'll also get to tour the bodega, filled with antiuqe treasures, and enjoy an intimate and authentic flamenco performance sure to sweep you off your feet. This excursion is optional.
For those interested in other activities like yoga, painting or ceramics, private classes can be arranged. 
We encourage you to make this four day retreat your ideal getaway, and we are here to help! Please contact us with any questions or for additional information at:
*This page will be updated with additional excursions closer to the time of the event.
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