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May 2nd, 2019 - May 5th, 2019







MAY 2nd, 2019 -

MAY 5th, 2019




In a beautiful town along the Mediterranean, in the company of fellow writers, and with the knowledge of a prolific author, we invite you to join us for the second annual AlteArte Writer's Retreat taking place in May 2019!


Mez Packer has designed this four-day course to kickstart your creative writing. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning or in the middle of your writing project. Packer will use various exercises for inspiration which will draw on experience, memory, imagination and place.


Through the course, you will look at form, structure and plot, and there will be opportunities to share pieces of your writing in a supportive setting. There will be constructive feedback on the writing produced in the sessions, and, by the end of the course, you will have material and ideas to take away and sustain your creative writing.


Thursday, May 2nd

9-11 AM

Workshop: Character Development

Characters are at the heart of great writing. We will learn how to develop authentic characters and make them come alive on the page.

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

*One-on-One Sessions

4 PM - 8 PM

Writing Session/Optional Excursion

Friday, May 3rd

9-11 AM

Workshop: Writing Dialogue and Finding Your Voice

Dialogue is a listening skill. We will spend time learning how to develop distinct dialogue and understand how it reveals character. Dialogue is distinct from voice and we will look at language and creative devices writers use to enhance their distinct writer's voice.

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

One-on-One Sessions

4 PM - 8 PM

Writing Session/Optional Excursion

Saturday, May 4th

9-11 AM

Workshop: Creating Landscape and Setting

Landscape and setting are the fields in which characters perform. We will learn what makes setting so important and how great writers use it to enhance their stories. 

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

One-on-One Sessions

4 PM - 8 PM

Writing Session/Optional Excursion

Sunday, May 5th

9-11 AM

Workshop: Structure and Narrative Arc 

How to organise your story. Who's telling it? What is the form? These questions form the basis of a good novel. Get it right and you might have something worth publishing.

12PM-2:30 PM

 Optional Workshop: Publishing

Led by: Russell Ceyln Jones with intro by Mez Packer

How to get an agent. Do you need one? Self-publishing, small presses and getting yourself noticed.

*Following the workshops, the tutor will conduct one-on-one sessions with attendees. Each attendee will receive one session. 


AlteArte is a mojiteria and art lounge located in the heart of Altea's Casco Antiguo, just steps from the church square. It is owned and operated by Sara Wilson and David Fernandez, who view it as their duty and privilege to create a cultural hub in Altea.

The idea for the AlteArte Writer's Retreat stemmed, partly, from AlteArte's Book Club. The members meet once a month to read and discuss a book. Whenever possible, the author is present either via Skype or in person. This personal contact with authors made Sara dream bigger, and she instantly envisioned an annual writer's retreat. After a fantastic retreat last year with RJ Ellory, she is excited to offer it again to 10 attendees.


Sara's goal is to offer writers the opportunity, environment and space to focus on their writing while at the same time arming them with the helpful instruction and personal insight from a published author.

AlteArte will serve as the headquarters of the Writer's Retreat and will be the location where attendees will meet for the daily workshops.


Our motto: Connecting Good People. 

The dates for 2020 have not yet been announced. If you would like to be informed, please send an email to info@aawritersretreat.com

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